Engaging Students and Families During Remote Learning - GTP116

Google News and Updates Featured Content
  • “Family” gatherings of older student mentors and students
  • Family Game night with classes/teachers
  • Padlet/Flipgrid where people could put affirmations and celebrations
  • Facebook group for teachers
  • Informal coffee talks
  • Birthday party for a teacher/student in a parking lot with social distancing
  • Scavenger hunt - collect items, spell out mascot name with items and post pictures
  • Would you rather? - discussion on Google Classroom, in person, or asynchronous
  • Learn a TikTok dance
  • What are you learning at home?
  • Interview a family member
  • Virtual guests and virtual field trips 
  • Pixel art
  • Virtual greeting cards on Google Drawings
  • Make a creative stop-motion animation 
  • Virtual Learning Ideas



Resources Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag
  • Tracey Dranttel (North Carolina) -- Email
  • Pat Goolsby (Georgia) -- Voicemail
  • Clay Smith (Twitter)
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