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We need your tips! Episode 119 will be the finale of our fourth season of the podcast. This episode is all about YOU and your Google tips, tricks, strategies, and resources!

Go to our feedback page and leave us a voice message to include in the episode!

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Google Classroom and Drive cleanup for the EOY

From the previous episode 88:

  • Return all work, grade it if you need to
  • Archive Classes
  • Clean-up Folders in Drive
  • Create new folders for the things you want to keep and move things over
  • Create a folder for exemplary work
  • Do NOT Delete the Classroom Folder
  • Do NOT Delete from Shared with Me
  • Delete Old Class Calendars
  • Reflect on your Google Classroom practices, collaborate with others for ideas

A check-out form that admins could sign digitally / students and parents / returning equipment

Doing last Google Meet calls with students

  • Fun things to do during Google Meet calls (Kahoot/Gimkit, scavenger hunts, virtual field trips with Google Earth, etc.)

How to Create a Google Classroom Template (for next year)




Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag

Debbie Thymianos (Henderson, NV) -- Is there a way to disable the chat in Google Meets? It's very distracting when they are messaging each other or writing nonsense.

Philip Trott (Bermuda) -- I swear I have been listening to your podcast for YEARS. I must have a hundred subscriptions, and yours is the ONLY one I listen to weekly. I really appreciate all the hard work you put in. Is there a way to subscribe to the Keyword blog? I didn't see anything on there and I would prefer to receive a weekly email or something to remind me to go in there and check. If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

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