#164 The Coffee Shop Mega Lesson with Lisa Toebben

Hello everyone! There are a lot of great ideas out in the world. Many of them are fantastic projects, experiences, or just ideas on how to spice up a lesson in your class. Some of those are MEGA LESSONS—lessons that take student interest to heart and provides authentic learning experiences for EVERYONE involved, and that’s exactly what I wanted to talk about on today’s episode of Teach Me, Teacher!

To do so, I have brought on Lisa Toebben, a high school special education teacher, who has created an amazing authentic experience for her students. I don’t want to spoil it too much here, but it’s a business learning experience unlike any other!


I loved talking with Lisa about this lesson (and a lot more) because it’s these lessons that students remember the most. The ones that are useful and involve the whole child in the learning.

You are sure to get some ideas and positive vibes from this one!




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