Pulling away from a pit stop featuring guest host Hannah Sansom E55

Today I have guest host Hannah Sansom sharing some beautiful positive vibes with us! We are all in one big pitstop together. No matter the job, the school, or the position, disappointments (or pit stops as we like to call them) will happen. Pit stops are inevitable. As we discussed in our book Edumagic Shine On: A Guide for New Teachers, we explain that pit stops are meant for a quick visit, not a long stay.

Explore some of the pit stops that we encountered as a new teacher in chapter two of Edumagic Shine On. So, how to overcome and pull away from pit stops? Read the show notes here: https://www.sfecich.com/post/3-tips-for-pulling-away-from-the-pit-stop

from EduMagic https://www.spreaker.com/user/sfecich/3-tips-for-pulling-away-from-the-pit-sto

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