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Today we are talking with Mark D. Bruce about his book - Jackie, a Boy, and a Dog:A Warm Cold War Story. Mark shares his story of being given a puppy from the First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the early 1960's  and the continued connection he shared with her. This is episode 290 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Mark grew up with a love for dogs. This became a focal point of Mark’s childhood when the President and Mrs. Kennedy gave him the “pupnik” named Streaker, the grand-pup of Strelka, the first dog to orbit earth in a Soviet Sputnik spaceship, and return alive. Mark maintained a pen-pal relationship with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, with many personal letters, from the 1960’s until the 1980’s. 

Mark is an emergency medicine physician in Wisconsin, a husband of 42 years to his wife Moira E. O’Brien-Bruce, DO, and a father and grandfather to 5 children, and 7 grandchildren. 

Mark has traveled with the international medical ministry in Central America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, and led many teams into the Asian disaster zones for medical relief work. 

In addition to clinical duties, Mark is the Ambassador to Belize and Canada for the American College of Emergency Physicians.

This is such an amazing story!

You are going to love the interview and the book!

Thanks for listening.



Connect with Mark:

Length - 59:23

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12

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