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Melanie’s Tips:

  • Share a quick daily video with your students (Melanie uses the “Shorts” camera in Flipgrid)
  • Move items to the top of the stream (three dots menu button: click “move to top”)
  • Use topics to keep things organized (In classwork: New > Topic … and they’re draggable!)
  • Use “email guardians” under People tab to keep parents in the loop

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How to Organize Assignments in Google Classroom

  • A topic for “Due this Week,” or “Due Today!” 
  • If your students are tech savvy enough, you can have them collect all of their links in one document and submit all at once.

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Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag

Vicki Heupel (Montana) -- With remote learning: more need for forms for formative assessment. Tips and tricks for assigning thru GC: When do you assign for one class vs. for all classes? To be effective. Autograded within Google Classroom.

MrWiseley in a blog comment: “Oh my goodness! I have an answer for the need!!! Select the column with the student IDs (better than names that might have varied spellings by the teachers). Select "Format --> Conditional Formatting". Then do a "custom formula" of =countif(D:D,D1)>2 where D represents column D (replace with the column letter for YOUR sheet). Choose to format with a cell color, and BOOM! Any kid listed more than twice will be highlighted in that color!”

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