#159 Possibilities Over Proscriptions (Martin Brandt pt.2)

Hello everyone! I hope all is well with you, and you’re ready to discuss writing instruction! I have brought on one of my favorite educators in the literacy space, Martin Brandt, to discuss his book Between the Commas, and how to use writing instruction that WORKS!

Last week, we discussed:

  1. That writing is more than just responses to questions and essays
  2. How to achieve sentence focus
  3. The power of writing instruction that frees students from artificial constraints

And this week, we go deeper into the teaching of writing, specifically, we discuss how to evolve our approach from proscriptions to possibilities! 



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Obviously, this is a challenging time for every educator. Your taking care of yourself and your family, you’re thinking about friends and loved ones you can’t see in person. And you’re also adapting to trying to teach and care for your students virtually.

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