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Google News and Updates Featured Content

Tips for Enabling Distance Learning through G Suite & Chrome (From Google)

How to use Chromebooks offline for e-learning days, homework

Coronavirus Closures? Online Learning Tips for Teachers and Schools [interview with an American Teacher in China]

FREE Webinar: Online Learning Tips for School Closures

Nadine Gilkison’s e-learning Slides template and website resources

How to Access Files Offline in Google Drive

FREE Online Learning Tools and Resources for Schools Affected

Premium tools being offered for free from many companies:

  • Google Hangouts Meet
  • Screencastify
  • Nearpod
  • Kahoot!
  • Pear Deck
  • Edpuzzle
  • EPforlearning
  • WeVideo
  • Kami
  • BrainPop
  • Tyker
  • And more open every day!

Lesson ideas:

Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag

Lisa Munley (Scranton, PA) -- Met Matt after PETE&C in Pittsburgh. Tip for new listeners. Listen to most recent episodes. Went back to single digits: ideas to listen to now. Go back to the first season. I drive a lot. Teachers in 20 schools, five counties. Share how you make notes while drive and listen?

Adrienne Farrow (Oregon) -- Google Forms. Possible to do text to speech on a Chromebook. Possible for Google Forms to read questions out loud for the student rather than text to speech? Easier for taking quizzes and surveys. Instead of highlighting and using text to speech.

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