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Carly Black spends her days encouraging tenth graders in West Salem, Ohio to believe reading and writing is totally cool. At night she chases toddlers with her teacher husband and in the morning repeats the process all over again. Find the lessons and ideas she uses to encourage her students and tame her toddlers on the blog.

Carly’s student newsletter about home learning

Carly’s weekly student checklist template

Podcast and Webinar that Carly refers to in this episode with Jenn Pearson.

Resources Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag

Alexis Snider (Hanoi, Vietnam) -- 7th week of home learning. Tips. 1. Use tech that students already know. 2. Planning a lesson: learning goal, student w/minimal adult support complete successfully, which tool meets those needs.

Leanne -- Can you please tell me how to disable "Chat" in Google Slides. I use GSuite for my morning work and my kids are chatting. We have looked everywhere we know to look and haven't been successful at disabling this feature. Answer: https://support.google.com/a/answer/7391715?hl=en

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