Special Episode: WeVideo Giveaway

In episode 36 of the Educational Duct Tape podcast, Manny Curiel (@MannyDiscoTech) announced a contest for listeners: post a tweet during February 2020 with @MannyDiscoTech, @JakeMillerTech, and @WeVideo tagged and #EduDuctTape included, along with ideas for how you could use WeVideo in your classroom or school.  Dozens of "Duct Tapers" posted tweets.  In this special episode, Manny and I are joined by Jason Sholl from WeVideo to select the 3 winners! Each receive free WeVideo for Education Licenses for 12 months.  1 is a 30-seat license, 1 is a 50-seat license and the big prize is a 150-seat license!!!!

from Educational Duct Tape https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/eduducttape/Special_WeVideo_Giveaway_Episode.mp3

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