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Jessica Brogley currently teaches courses in educational technology in the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. Prior to this, she served in the Platteville School District as the Instructional Technology Support Specialist and the Digital Communication Specialist for three years. Jessica cut her teeth as an 8-12th grade English Language Arts and College Credit Public Speaking for Seymour Community Schools in Seymour, Wisconsin for 11 years.Jessica is one of the few educators in Southwest Wisconsin who is a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Innovator, and Google Streetview Certified. She's also a Level 8 Google Local guide with over 1700 photos, over 500 are photospheres. This past fall, Jessica was also one of 200 people selected world-wide by Google to attend the 2019 Connect Live event, completely sponsored by Google in San Jose, CA in the Fall of 2019. That conference not only celebrated the top Google Maps contributors, but it also gave her a chance to ask questions and provide feedback to actual Google employees. She also founded the Southwest Wisconsin Google Educator Group.


Insta360 cameras (two fisheye lenses on each side). Connect the phone to the device via wifi. The phone is like the shutter. Stitches image together as one spherical image. Transfer back from the camera to phone: what to do. Retouch ($2 app) erases yourself out of the photo. Use Google Street View app: upload to google maps. Tiny Planet photography.

Kids write about aspects of the community. (Early standard in elementary.) Use camera: photograph police station, firehouse, city hall, school, etc. Publish to account. Use tour creator to write about the significance. They can’t write collaboratively but can take turns. (Fire department: didn’t know what certain things are. Study: what that is what does it do?) Tourist opportunity: where to enjoy an afternoon, historical locations, etc.

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Laura Cahill (Massachusetts) - I couldn't listen to this episode fast enough because the ISTE Standards have become such a driving force in my work as an edtech coach! After going through the ISTE certification process with my team (the Instructional Technology and Digital Learning Department in the Worcester Public Schools in Massachusetts), we quickly realized what an amazing framework the ISTE Standards would be for powerful teaching and learning. One way we started to use them to support students and teachers was by creating a crosswalk document between our state DLCS standards and the ISTE student standards. This has been huge in terms of helping our teachers see the bigger goal of creating "Empowered Learners" which we all agreed is the overarching goal and the standard that all of the other lead toward. Now, when planning PD for teachers, we use the ISTE Educator Standards to guide us and have started to educate our principals in them so they know what to look for in classrooms.

I may be overly-enthusiastic about this but I wanted you to know that I really appreciate you bringing them to the masses! (and, I highly recommend the ISTE certification if you can ever find the time!... I am not compensated in any way to say that!)

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