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"Six years ago (or maybe longer–kids have killed my memory) Kevin Worthy came to Royse City as our Superintendent of Schools and a vision in tow. It was a simple, but mighty vision: be all about the kids and be innovative. It took a few years, and a strategic plan, but we progressed as a district on those two fronts. Part of that strategic plan was to move 1-1 with our students. We saw districts that tried and failed because of poor planning, poor training, poor infrastructure, or a combination thereof. It was decided to take a more measured approach. The first step was to get the right people in place. Three years ago RCISD hired Zach Snow as the Instructional Technology Coordinator and did the crazy thing of placing him not in the technology department, but the newly reorganized curriculum department head by Assistant Superintendent Julia Robinson. This is a seemingly small distinction, but if the focus was going to be on instruction and not on the technology, then department placement is key." (Sourced from

In this conversation Kasey and Chrome Squad discuss the following:

  • New additions to the Squad
  • Impact of the Chrome Squad
  • How being on the Squad has impacted the current and former students
  • How to start a program like this at your school

The Chrome Squad

Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag

Chuck Day (Castleford Idaho) -- Trying to get Bitmoji to work with Chromebooks. It would be a great way to personalize learning, create presentations to demonstrate knowledge, use avatars to create slide shows, etc. Can’t sync up with Chromebooks. Works through Google Play Store. 

Mark Rupe (Dinuba, California)-- Matt, you mentioned in episode 96 that Jamboard can input files from Google drive. Also, I could be wrong, but you mentioned the Jamboard could be pushed out via Google Classroom. Question: Were you talking about the mobile version of the app? I went to and began "playing." Love Jamboard thanks to you and Kasey. However, I can't find buttons, menu items, etc. to do the above? Can you import files such as a Slide deck? All I see is an icon for importing pictures from Google Drive! I know it's me. I know you are super busy, but please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

Our district is a Google district. Thanks to your podcast, I'm lobbying them to let all teachers and kids have access to this new addition to G-Suite. I think they just have to flip a switch. Great program. Thank you!! (32 years, started with one Apple IIe in a class of 31 kids!)

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