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  • SoapBox Moment - “I Like Big ANDs more than I like Big BUTs”
    • Bernard Roth’s The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life -
    • “When you open up the dialogue with and … your brain gets to consider how it can deal with both parts of the sentence.”
  • Today’s Guest: Manny Curiel
    • Manny is an EdTech Specialist for Cy-Fair ISD. His curriculum focus is LOTE and he also provides support for campuses as needed. He is a Flipgrid Board member and translated for the Flipgrid Educator’s Guide.  Manny just became a Wevideo Ambassador! His enthusiasm is contagious. Manny is passionate about blended learning and focuses on making learning FUN! 
    • Contact Info: You can find Manny on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram at @MannyDiscoTech or visit his website at Website
  • 2 Truths & 1 Lie
  • Question #1: How can students create Green Screen Videos to demonstrate content knowledge? (audience submitted question)
    • WeVideo -
      • Students can make videos about what they have learned
      • Students can create questions and answers to connect objectives 
      • Students can create a story, either math story, fiction, or realistic fiction
      • Students can create lessons for their peers
      • Students can create Vocabulary videos
      • Students can create their own book trailers… then you can host a Film festival! OMG YAAAS!
      • Students can create their own Newscast
      • Students can use WeVideo for a Research project
      • Students can create podcasts because you can download audio only!
      • Looks similar to Google Classroom
      • A way to manage your class workflow
      • A better student experience, turn in an assignment
      • WeVideo new and classic will work side-by-side
      • A teacher can make comments on the video (coming soon)
      • Better ways to collaborate (coming soon)
      • Submit an assignment
      • Audio levels can be changed in the track editor
      • When is the new WeVideo available?
        • Districts will be able to opt-in their district in late June 2020
        • The New WeVideo beta will be available for everyone when they go back to school in August 2020. It will be available side-by-side with classic WeVideo
        • For more information - visit
  • Guest Promo: WeVideo giveaway!  You’ve gotta listen to hear the details!!
  • Manny’s “Why Record Lessons?” Video -
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