LE 124: How to Meet the Social-Emotional Needs of ALL Students with Nicole DeWitt

About Nicole DeWitt

Nicole DeWitt has been in education since 2002 and has served as a classroom teacher, AVID instructor, English Learner Coordinator, and intervention developer prior to becoming a site administrator. Helping students achieve their goals while addressing academic and social-emotional needs has always been her number one priority, and she truly enjoys developing systems of support to ensure equity and access for all students. Her work establishing social-emotional supports at the high school level has been featured at the San Diego County Equity Symposium and California Student Mental Health and Wellness Conference. 

Show Highlights

  • Case Study 1: Arturo
  • Case Study 2: Lisa
  • Providing the right support for students social/emotional needs
  • Schoolwide structures that we can implement for social/emotional support
  • What should be the main focuses of ALL services

Connect with Nicole DeWitt

Twitter: @DeNdewitt

Additional Resources

Meeting the Social-Emotional Needs of ALL Students

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