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Before we start today’s show, we wanted to make a quick announcement. The podcast is undergoing a name change. It’s a small one, but an important one. We’ve decided to shorten the show’s name to be called the Google Teacher Podcast. We’ve heard from several of you that there are problems with including the word “tribe” in the name of the show. The last thing we want to do is create a show that is disrespectful or offensive to anyone -- especially in its name.

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Digital citizenship refers to the responsible use of technology by anyone who uses computers, the Internet, and digital devices to engage with society on any level.

Be Internet Legends 

Be Internet Awesome 

Interland Game

ISTE Standards-Aligned Curriculum

Pear Deck Curriculum

Google Classroom: Assign Interland to specific classes or sections, or simply make the resource available to all your students in the form of a class announcement.

Interland for School Chromebooks: G Suite administrators can seamlessly make Interland available to students directly from their school Chromebook taskbar.

Teacher Training Course

Educator Resources 

Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag

Kate Whittaker (Pennsylvania) -- This is in response to the mailbag question about using YouTube Live to stream concerts and performances. If you want to stream these, you should double-check what rights were purchased for the performance. When I was a video teacher we were not allowed to record most plays because only the rights to perform the play were purchased. The rights to video/audio record are usually separate and more expensive. Although it's been a while since I taught video, I wouldn't be surprised if streaming rights need to be purchased.

Mike Brilla (Philadelphia) -- My middle school is on a six-day cycle. How can we set-up Google Calendar to update our six-day cycle calendar if changes need to be made? If we miss school for a snow day, we must change every day for the rest of the year on the calendar. Please help!

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