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#EduDuctTape S02-E037

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  • Today’s Guest: Andreas Johansson
  • 2 Truths & 1 Lie
  • Question #1: How can we make daily processes simpler and more efficient for staff that normally don't interface with technology?
    • For some of these staff members just checking email may be difficult or inconvenient.
    • Quick Links Menu for Staff
    • Using the Design Thinking Process - observation, hearing feedback
    • When they see you hearing & applying their feedback, it’s appreciated.
    • “Go Do” - just fix it right away
    • Lean Thinking -
    • “Go to the work where the place happens to see what’s truly happening.” - the Gemba -
  • Question #2: Since there are still some procedures within schools that require paper by law, how can we make the process simpler?
    • Bus Driver Hub (screenshot)
    • Building value: Does it add value?  Is it required? Create stuff that creates value.
    • Mimic things that you already know work for the general public like a phone app.
    • Make sure it works well on desktop as well as mobile.
    • Google Sites
    • Keep the end-user in mind
    • Pre-Trip Certification Form:
    • Graphics for buttons -
    • Use Google Forms
    • Keep in mind “How long will this process take?”
    • Do you really need to collect email address?  Or can you just ask them for name?
    • With date questions in Google Forms click the center button to select “today.”
    • Use branching with “go to page based on answer” for options that everyone doesn’t have to fill out
    • Form Ranger Google Forms Add-On
    • In the Google Sheets backend…
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