154: Student podcasts in Google Slides

Voice is on the rise. Podcast listenership continues to grow. Smart speakers are selling like hotcakes. With all of this buzz around audio content, maybe now is the time to incorporate podcasting in your classroom. However, it doesn't have to be complicated. You can do it with a simple tool you may already use -- Google Slides -- and a free audio recording tool. I ran across a blog post by Jen Giffen (@virtualgiff) and love her solution for it. In this episode, I will share the steps that Jen provides for podcasting with Google Slides. Link: https://ift.tt/38IWzpz

from Ditch That Textbook Podcast :: Education, teaching, edtech :: #DitchPod https://anchor.fm/ditch/episodes/154-Student-podcasts-in-Google-Slides-eau9dn

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