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  • Stephanie Nasso (Gunnison CO) -- I just found the Google Teacher Tribe podcast. It's like finding a new favorite show on Netflix and there's already 5 seasons. I'm so excited to hear all of the tips you guys have on how to incorporate tech into my high school math class! Thanks guys!
  • Stephanie Fitzpatrick (Chicago) -- I know there was mention of google expeditions coming to chromebooks, is there a date that this will come to chromebook platform? (Expeditions page on Google for Education)
  • Lisa Scumpieru (Hagerstown, MD) -- Hello. I listened to episode 99 and I liked the idea of Jamboard as a portfolio system. I have not used it as a portfolio system, but I think that it most definitely could be used in that manner. This is how I think it could work:
    • Set up a Jamboard with pages that have two pages per marking period to start. Have one page named "Best Work and Reflection" and the other page as "Goals".
      • Best Work - students would bring it in from their Drive.
      • Reflection - placed on a post-it next to the work.
      • Goals - This would be student choice - let them draw their goals or find pictures to represent what they will do for the next marking period. Have them add one post-it explaining their work. 
    • To go a step further with this, have the students screencast their Jams explaining their portfolio and then add it to Google Classroom or even a Google Site.
    • Note: When a teacher sets up the Jamboard template, all they need to do is add the link in Google Classroom and Make a Copy for each student. On the teachers Jamboard, each student shows up as a separate Jam. Teachers can pop-in and check the students' work as they are doing it. If you would like me to record this, I would be willing to do that, but I wasn't sure if it would be too long. 
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