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Jesse wrote a book and we talk resolutions!

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What have you done over the break?

Donnie - watched every Star Wars so I can take my kids to see Star Wars. Definitive ranking: V, IV, VII, VIII, VI, I, II, III (IX TBA) ; got some cool Christmas gifts (lotta hand me downs from my mom; sold their house and cleared out some old goodies from when I was a kid)

Accidental tradition of putting the wrong date on the board for a week (Long live 2019!)


Jesse - Hit 100 Phish shows, incredible Korean BBQ with friends of the pod Seani and Jess Williams, QT with the family, work from home. Gifts: Before Watchmen, Mandalorian bobblehead, Won an absolutely dominant game of Catan

Jeff - took the girls on a roadtrip (all 5 to Las Vegas to see the Cirque de Soliel show LOVE . . .spent time with both girls and Rebecca. . .relaxed, did a lot of cooking . . .won 2 FF leagues!

New Years Resolutions for Teachers

Donnie - 

  • Getting back into running
  • Changing Diet (It’s been nice knowing you, candy)  
  • Importance of routine for sanity
  • Working on National Boards 


  • Mindfulness
  • Health (including diet) - Been working out in VR (Box VR and The Climb so far)


  • Better planning/integration and fewer courses offered
  • Mindful SEL integration (Custom mood meter Google Drawings)
  • Continue my wellness. . .integrating partner yoga into my diet/exercise routine

Bug in Ear Coaching

Thoughts on Article? Seems really geared toward SPED and paraprofessionals. . .

Reality Doesn’t Bite with Reality Bytes

We have another published author in our midst!

Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented and Virtual Reality

from The Partial Credit Podcast

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