Educational Podcasting: Reflecting on My Experiences and Finding My Voice

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I share with you 7 different thoughts and things I’ve learned over the last year and a half of podcasting. I also share my vision for the podcast in 2020 and beyond!

  • Why I started my blog and podcast in the first place.
    • I wanted to share technology and education research and news at scale.
  • Really struggled with a name for the podcast, so I took a strategic approach based on alphabetization in the iTunes directory.
    • I think it’s time to change the podcast name now that I have a vision and direction for the podcast. Should I just call it the Heather Monthie Show or the Dr. Heather Podcast? What are your other ideas?
  • Decided to add my podcast to YouTube even though all the “experts” advise against it.
    • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and I am able to track that several of you have found the podcast through YouTube.
    • YouTube offers closed-captions on videos which allows those of you who are deaf or hard of hearing to be able to participate. I am still trying to figure out if I am doing the captions correctly, so please feel free to reach out with suggestions to make the podcast more accessible.
  • Podcasting has helped with public speaking and thinking on my toes. I’ve done quite a bit of public speaking in the past, but podcasting has really helped develop that skill even more.
  • I initially made the decision to not do interviews just due to the logistics around trying to match up schedules of two busy people. I intend to start doing interviews in 2020 and will just schedule out when I intend to record hoping that one of those times will work for the guest!
  • I have been financing the costs around setting up and running the podcast. There’s software, hosting, graphics, etc. I’ve kept the cost down quite a bit, but as this grows, I will need to start outsourcing some of the behind the scenes work. I will be looking for an editor, someone who can help with graphics, and promoting on social media. This costs money, so I will be open to having discussions with potential sponsors.
  • I envision this podcast being interesting to these groups of people. I call these individuals social edupreneurs, or education entrepreneurs with a social mission:
    • Teachers, administrators, coaches, technology professionals, etc who are currently working in schools whether it’s K-12, vocational schools, training centers, community colleges, or universities who are interested in making creative change happen in education using technology as a tool.
    • Teachers, administrators, coaches, technology and business professionals, developers, investors, etc who are currently working outside of the educational system who are interested in making creative change happen in education using technology as a tool.
      • A subgroup here are business professionals who are passionate about education but don’t work in education and are interested in helping to make a difference without leaving their profession. I give the example of a cybersecurity professional who might write a book to help teachers feel more confident in the content area.
  • If you’re interested in being on the podcast or maybe you have an idea for what I should rename the podcast, please feel free to send me a message on Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter!

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