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We are finally at episode 100 of the podcast! This episode features Matt, Kasey, and producer Chris Nesi! Chris leads Matt and Kasey in a conversation that reflects on the run of this podcast through 100 episodes and provides some Google-goodness as well!

Topics discussed:

  • What have Matt and Kasey learned as hosts of this podcast?
  • Favorite Episodes:
  • Favorite Memories from creating the podcast?
  • Guest(s) you would like to have on in the future?
  • Matt and Kasey shared their 'Because of this pocast..." stories.
  • What Google topic would you like to cover but haven't?
  • What Google tool(s) do Matt and Kasey struggle with?

The conversation also featured an Ask Me Anything (AMA) segment where Matt and Kasey answered questions from Mike Brilla, Mike Mohammad, and Erin Kiger.

Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag
  • Mike Mohammad - Congrats on 100!
  • Shelly Stanton (@StantonShelly) - Looking for fun ways to introduce Google Classroom to students.
  • Janna Bonds - Curious to know how to restrict access to Google Forms.
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