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E16: Tour the World with the New Google Earth

Create your own maps and stories in Google Earth

5 Tips to Start Creating with Google Earth (FREE PDF from Google) - CHEAT SHEET

Creating Stories About the World


Creating with Google Earth: 10 ideas to try (Ditch That Textbook blog)

  • Identify important locations in a story/history
  • Show the timeline of a person’s life
  • Relive a trip
  • Do a “Day in the Life” project
  • Tell a fictional story
  • Do place-based math problems
  • Do a collaborative class map
  • Create a yearbook/newspaper supplement
  • Create a school/district resource about other schools
  • Create a “where are they now?” map

Some features in Google Earth’s creation tools:

  • Placemarks
  • Lines and shapes
  • Street View
  • Slides
  • Present
Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag

Dianne Miller Duncan (Southern California) -- How can I use Google Classroom or other Google tools for independent study students? Teachers have a variety of grades on the roster. Setting up one google classroom would be hard.

Thanks to Brian Briggs for sharing this #createwithchrome Google advent activity:

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