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Featured Content

We recorded this episode LIVE at EdCamp New Jersey 2019.

The format of the episode was simple as we welcomed people to the microphone who were in the live audience while we recorded the episode. We didn’t know what people would say or ask in advance and it was quite a thrill to interact with some listeners of old and some new listeners.

We spoke with:

  • Sandy Hartman – Transition to a new position mid-year
  • Lennox Small – Having difficult conversations with students
  • Mark Snow – Teaching relevant topics while restricted by curriculum or administration

What We’re Listening To

AJ: The Guiding Principals Podcast ​​- The Guiding Principals Podcast focuses on the work of visionary educational leaders, in an effort to leave all listeners inspired and imparting upon them fresh new ideas and strategies, as they continue to expand their own leadership toolbox. Check out Episode 20 The Revolution.

Chris: Art of Manliness #561: Get With the Program

Stacey: Gangster Capitalism: WATERSHED MOMENT A Singer parent negotiates a deal for her son to have the ACT taken for him, without him even being in the same state, and a college admissions insider reveals the a la carte menu that wealthy parents have when donating to schools, also known as “The Backdoor.” But as it turns out, paying top dollar for access to admissions offices can start as far back as preschool.  This episode looks at the legal ways in which parents get their kids into college, no matter how dubious they may seem.


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