A Christmas Podcast or Not? - PC044

Sean and Jess Williams grab some egg nog and pull up next to the yule log!

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Segment 1:

Die Hard - Christmas movie or not?

Segment 2:

Best Classroom Christmas Gifts

  • Jessica - Administrator covering a class
  • Donnie - Coffee and a penguin shirt
  • Sean - Coffee, gift cards
  • Jeff - tamales
  • Jesse - Gift Cards, Letter of Appreciation

Segment 3:

Classroom Christmas Films: Definitive Rankings


3. Polar Express 2. A Charlie Brown Christmas 1. The Garfield Christmas Special


3. March of the Wooden Soldiers (classic cinema) 2. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (create their own stop motion films) 1. Scrooged (modernizing a classic story)


3. Miracle (on Ice) 2. Cool Runnings 1. It’s A Wonderful Life (Miracle on 34th St)


3. Muppets Christmas Carol (Maker component) + sphero (Jim Henson) 2. Elf - Animation lesson 1. Home Alone (Characterization)


3. The Grinch 2. The Santa Clause 1. A Christmas Story - love actually if it weren’t rated R

Useless Websites Donnie Found Online




BONUS: http://isitsnowinginpdx.com/

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