Creating Psychological Safety with Keara Mascareñaz Transformative Principal 303

Keara Mascareñaz Managing Partner, Organizational Design at Education Elements. She helps schools and districts focuses build and scale a culture of innovation through leadership development, team habits, and human-centered organizational design.

  • Learning, meeting, projects
  • How do you create the environment of psychological safety?
  • the team that is more effective would be making less mistakes.
  • more comfort to talk about mistakes
  • Amy Edmondson TED talk
  • I didn’t say “I don’t know what I’m doing!“
  • It can feel high stakes, even though it is not.
  • Two types of leaders: one best ideas should strive - leaders are smarter and make fewer mistakes.
  • Interrogating archetypes.
  • Two books: Multipliers with Liz Wiseman As soon as a speaker starts speaking, everyone stops talking.
  • Here’s my interview with Liz Wiseman.
  • Talking about Failure is crucial for Growth
  • Noticing it is the first step to change.
  • It’s hard to make big shifts.
  • What foundation have I laid and signal have I given to my team about this?
  • “I’ve had good ideas before that haven’t worked out!”
  • So much deference made to people in power and authority.
  • Habit of talking about mistakes.
  • The more people in power can model talking about mistakes the more you can model and give more power to your people.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Next time you’re in front of your staff think about 1. Learning challenge, vulnerability, asking for advice.


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