Candid Compassionate Feedback with TJ Vari and Joe Jones Transformative Principal 304


TJ Vari and Joe Jones are practicing Superintendents and coauthors of the book “Candid and Compassionate Feedback“.

  • Result of fear of offending people is that it becomes offensive anyway.
  • Ask questions to get them to see what they need to improve.
  • The lack of candor can be what people are offended by.
  • The candor is actually what is compassionate! TJ
  • Turning the corner so your empathy is backed with concrete evidence backed with what to do better.
  • Consistency is key.
  • People are given that advice when they go into schools.
  • Direct, sincere, accurate feedback.
  • Identified the problem.
  • Gave evidence.
  • Provided a solution.
  • Being clear does work.
  • Learning walks are like formative assessments.
  • Are the teachers using the “Goal” in their classroom?
  • As teachers are teaching they’re often not aware of what they’re doing. Joe
  • No way will a teacher ever grow through the formal observation process.
  • We really should be getting into the mindset work among the staff.
  • How to be a transformative principal? TJ: spend your time in the most important spaces in your school Joe: Disrupt your day. Speak to someone tomorrow that you haven’t spoken with this year.
  • Bonus question: how to keep principals in the building?

from Transformative Principal http://transformativeprincipal.org/episode304