Using Google Tools for PD and Training - GTT093

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  • Google Sites for workshops
    • Links to EVERYTHING -- presentations, notes, activities, additional resources
    • For multiple days, organize pages by day
    • Embed slides, docs, etc. to make it easier to access and view
    • Link to outside resources in the menu
    • Links to all activities
    • One-stop shop
  • Give them ONE LINK that includes everything!
  • Published Google Slides
  • Collaborative notes with Google Docs (or Slides)
  • Using Google Classroom tips
    • Not recommended for anything less than a day with a mixed group from different schools--unless it’s your main topic.
    • Coaches/Trainers: keep a class going all year with your teachers
    • Blended book studies
    • Blended PD with Google Classroom episode coming next week on The Shake Up Learning Show
  • FREE Google Certified Trainer resources
Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag
  • Melissa Burns, 4th grade, Clinton SC -- Wants to do a digital interactive notebook with Google Slides. How to add additional slides after assigning the initial notebook?
  • Michele Koper (Wisconsin) -- I love listening to your podcast every week. I've gotten so many ideas that I've been able to share with staff. After listening to your PD tips (which I completely agree with- especially the problem-solution topic), I just couldn't resist emailing about the meatloaf comparison. Instead of meatloaf, I like to think of it as a smoothie that I'm able to throw some greens into. Thought I'd just pass along a more appetizing visual :)

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