Unbalanced to Burned-In with Lisa - BIT046

Lisa, a 1:1 client of mine, shares her story.

Episode takeaways:

  1. Pay attention to what you’re spending your money on - is it something that is going to help YOU to help your students better, and not only that, but it it going to cost you hours of preparation when you’re already feeling behind and unorganized.
  2. Are you telling yourself the lies that you’re not good enough, that you SHOULD be better or doing more? Are you finding yourself saying “Time to make the donuts…” like Lisa was? Take a second to write down all of the things that you 
  3. There are no bad teachers. We are humans who have fallen into bad luck, bad habits, fallen under bad leadership, but when your brain is in all of these places and saying all of these negative things it causes a cycle of patterns of negativity.
  4. Get a coach - whether it’s me or someone else who can help you create a plan and actually keep you accountable.

from The Burned-In Teacher Podcast http://traffic.libsyn.com/burnedinteacher/burnedinteacher046.mp3

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