How to Create and Assign Templates in G Suite - GTT095

Google News and Updates Featured Content Making templates to assign to students through Google Classroom …
  • Blog post: How to create classroom templates in Google Docs and Slides
  • What tool should you use? (Matt suggests Google Slides.)
  • Locking items down using background images
  • Assigning templates to students with Google Classroom
  • Making a copy (or a force copy link)
  • Re-using templates to save time next time
HyperDocs -- Step by step templates to guide students through the learning process Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag

Chelsey Greer (Connecticut) - Students need assessments read aloud. Easier way to add to Google Form quizzes? Record self, upload to YouTube, insert video. Easier way? FYI: Add-ons are blocked in her district. 

  • Read&Write for Google Chrome
  • Screencastify 
  • YouTube: Link to specific time in video
  • Talk to your special education staff about what you may have available

Kelsey Jones (California) - I've been listening to your podcast during my commute and love all the ideas you've been sharing! My goal is to incorporate Google into my classroom and reduce as much paper as possible. I've been using Google Forms for assessments, I love how it can auto-grade. My question is, do you guys know if there is a way for students to save their work while using Forms? For example, if they have a 30 question assignment and they are only able to get to 10 of the problems. Is there a way for them to save what they've done and resume where they left off later?

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