You Changed My Life With Brad Barber Transformative Principal 294

Brad Barber is a former business owner who is now an educator who founded a school called the Tesla Academy. At the Tesla Academy, they coach students rather than teach them.

  • We are an academy, not a school.
  • Agnostic about the school kids attend, it just needs to be good.
  • We can react very quickly and give support to kids.
  • We diagnose their problems.
  • Sometimes they take notes to impress someone else.
  • When you get into the business world, you have to learn really rapidly.
  • Why would kids want to come to the Tesla Academy?
  • It feels so weird to do something different.
  • There’s a generation gap in parents: younger parents totally get it.
  • How to be a transformative principal? My model could really take off in special education. My model would work perfect with 20-40 students.

from Transformative Principal http://transformativeprincipal.org/episode294