LE 104: Education in our Barrios with Dr. Edwin Mayorga

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About Edwin Mayorga, Ph.D.

Dr. Edwin Mayorga identifies as a parent-educator-activist-scholar and is an Assistant Professor of Educational Studies and Latin American/Latino Studies at Swarthmore College. He directs the Education in our Barrios Project (#BarrioEdProject), a youth participatory action research collaborative in/with Latinx core communities in Philadelphia; and the Community, School, and Colleges Partnership (CSCP) Study of school+community partnership models. He writes about racial neoliberal urbanism, scholar-activism, PAR entremundos, and teacher education in the time of Black Lives Matter; and is co-editor of the book What’s Race Got to Do with It? How Current School Reform Maintains Racial and Economic Inequality.

Show Highlights

  • #BarrioEdProject
  • The Summer Institute
  • The effectiveness of the program

Connect with Edwin

Email: emayorg1@swarthmore.edu

Twitter: @eimayorga


Websites: barriophl.swartmore.edu


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Education in our Barrios: A Research Study

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