28: Eduprotocols: Customizable Lessons for Any Subject or Grade! [interview with Jon Corippo]

On this episode, I welcome Jon Corippo, Chief Learning Officer at CUE, as we discuss how to use EduProtocols to save time and increase learning in your classroom. Eduprotocols are classroom-tested customizable lesson-frames for any subject or grade to break up clich├ęd lesson plans, build culture, and deliver content to K-12 students in a supportive, creative environment.​

Jon has made it his life’s mission to find ways to engage and inspire his students while saving himself time and energy on unnecessary routines. Together with his co-author Marlena Hebern, he has created a wonderful field guide on creative ways to use technology and engage the classroom.

Jon was amazing to talk to about where education is going and why engaging students and coaching them versus solely lecturing them is the key to lifelong learning habits. We discuss was to implement the protocols in your classroom and why worksheets clog up your grading pile and your time. Get rid of the meaningless workshop and get your students creating!

You won’t want to miss Jon’s amazing analogy on why his favorite protocols are like brisket and mac and cheese. Stay tuned to the end to learn what’s coming up next for the EduProtocols. Jon is an impressive resource with awesome ideas on how to increase engagement and decrease busywork. Let me know what you think about his strategies for increased learning!

In This Episode:

[00:29] - Welcome back! Today’s guest is the author of EduProtocols, Jon Corippo. 

[01:41] - Shout out and congratulations to Kim Caise, Stacy Peppler Gray, and Susie Bankert who are all newly Google Certified Educators. 

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[05:39] - Kasey welcomes Jon Corippo, Chief Learning Officer at CUE, to the show.

[08:32] - How did Jon find his way to education? 

[11:29] - Where did the idea for EduProtocols come from? 

[19:08] - When doing multiple skills at once, how do you measure performance? 

[23:29] - Jon shares his favorite protocols.

[32:35] - What’s next for EduProtocols? 

[38:25] - What causes depression in students, school or depression? 

[40:43] - Connect with Jon!

Podcast Question of the Week

[42:14] - Kasey shares the podcast questions of the week: 

Which of the EduProtocols is a good fit for your classroom? How will you implement?  

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