Online Safety for Parents

Review of an Online Safety Parent’s Guide from the AZ Attorney General

As I continue to do more and more outreach in technology education, cybersecurity awareness, and workforce development, I am fortunate to meet some very passionate people who are all willing to share their work that they are doing to help educate parents about online safety.

The Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich has put together a great guide to help parents understand online safety and how to talk to your teens about acceptable use of technology.

There’s also a supplement to this guide, Online Safety for Teens that’s written specifically for your teen. This guide serves a great purpose to help educate families and help start conversations.

Even if you don’t live or work in AZ, you can download a copy of this guide. I also understand that each state’s Attorney General provides this type of literature to help families understand internet crime, identity theft, human trafficking, and other crimes that affect us today. I suggest Googling your state’s Attorney General office for more information.

In this podcast episode, I go over some of the points in the guide. I do not review the entire document but you can get a copy of it for yourself here. I believe the printed copy I have is updated, so I will see here you can get the updated version. The information is all the same, just a different format. You’re not missing out!

Online Safety for Parents (English)

Online Safety for Parents (Spanish)

Online Safety for Teens

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