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Kevin Stoller is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kay-Twelve, the author of the book Creating Better Learning Environments, and the voice behind The Better Learning Podcast. Today, we talk about his book, the podcast, what a better learning environment looks like, and so much more.

Driven by his passion for enhancing the learning process, Kevin started Kay-Twelve in 2009. The underlying mission and philosophy of Kay-Twelve exemplify his commitment to improving the learning environment. 

Kevin also is involved in several civic and industry groups, one of these programs works with kids to foster creativity and entrepreneurship. 

Coupled with his experience in the contract furniture industry, Kevin Stoller has a B.S in Mass Communications from Miami University and an MBA from The Ohio State University. 

Personally, he feels "deeply passionate about allowing kids to fail and learn how to handle adversity. Learning does not stop once they leave the four walls of a classroom and experience learning is invaluable."

Kevin is married with 3 kids and though Kay-Twelve keeps him very busy, he still finds time to coach his 3 kids in their various sports. 

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