OnEducation Podcast joins the Education Podcast Network | #stayawesome #ChatOnEducation

OnEducation is the newest podcast to join the Education Podcast Network as of July 2019.

We're excited to offer a podcast that covers such an important area of education.

About OnEducation

There's a lot going on. Technology, grading, policy, planning, DeVos, grading, iPads, conferences, grading, Trump, classroom management, grading, curriculum, special needs, and did we say grading? - we get it. OnEducation is here to help. We have honest conversations about teachers, teaching, and everything in between. It's time we talked, and we're hoping you will join the conversation.

Mike Washburn is the Head of Curriculum & Training for Logics Academy in Canada. Mike challenges all educators to never stop learning and always be reaching for what’s next. He has an unshakeable resolve to change the world through technology education.

Glen Irvin has been an educator for 20 years, he currently works as a technology integrationist and instructional coach in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. Glen was previously a Spanish teacher. Glen is well known by the Schoology community as a Gamification expert, Schoology Ambassador, and he was the 2016-2017 Schoology Educator of the Year. He is an avid gamer with a passion for gamification, playful learning, and game-based learning. As a teacher, his classroom was a gamified, quest-based, mastery learning environment, where students were given the time and opportunity to succeed.

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