LE 93: From Teacher Education to Practicing Teacher: A Story of Becoming A Culturally Relevant Teacher with Dr. Brittany Aronson

About Brittany Aronson, Ph.D.

Brittany Aronson is an Assistant Professor of Sociocultural Foundations in Educational Leadership at Miami University. She earned her Ph.D. in Cultural Studies in Education from the University of Tennessee and she also holds two certificates in Qualitative Research Methods in Education and Educational Policy. Brittany’s research and teaching are grounded in issues of critical social justice for both future and practicing educators. Her research interests include critical teacher preparation, social justice education, critical race theory, critical whiteness studies, and educational policy. These interest stem from her former elementary school teaching experiences and current work with teacher education. Her research couples her cultural studies and social foundations in education background with current contemporary issues. She has been published in Review of Educational Research, Journal of Critical Policy Studies, Teachers College Record, and Multicultural Perspectives.

Show Highlights

  • Sarah White
  • Critical Social Justice Group
  • Classroom observations
  • Some interesting findings from observing Sarah
  • Some of Sarah’s challenges towards being Culturally Responsive
  • Present-day Sarah
  • Advice for teachers looking for additional teaching support

Connect with Brittany

Twitter: @loves218

Email: aronsoba@miamioh.edu

Additional Resources 

From Teacher Education to Practicing Teacher: What Does Culturally Relevant Praxis Look Like?

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