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Cynthia Long is a Nationally ASL Certified Interpreter and founder of Sign Baby Sign. She is dedicated to helping all teachers work with deaf, hearing, and special needs children. She has an amazing website and podcast where you will find all kinds of free resources. Check it out at -

By the way, Cynthia is giving you free access to Flash Cards (which normally are not free). Just use the code FREEFC at checkout.

Cynthia has extensive experience homeschooling and interpreting in the classroom settings at primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels and is dedicated to providing ASL teaching resources to schools and families across the US. 

After years of working in the education system, Cynthia questioned where the resources for teaching sign language were.  She could find the ABCs and numbers 1-10, but teachers needed more than that for their students to be successful.

Cynthia decided to make it happen. ASL Teaching Resources was created as the answer.

All of the ASL resources available on Cynthia’s website were developed from years of experience in educational systems as a Nationally Certified ASL Interpreter.

Make sure that you check out all of the cool resources at her website and don't forget to get your free flashcards while they are free. Just enter the code FREEFC at checkout.

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