You must do this right after a job interview! 07

Hello edumagicians, welcome to episode 7 I am here to share with you the ONE thing that you need to right after an interview. If you tuned into episode 5, “Job Interview – Nailed it” Then you learned about 10 tips to help you conquer the job interview process. If you tuned didn’t tune in, please press pause and go back – you will thank me later! It is …. Wait for it… a thank you note! A thank you note can really go a long way after the interview. It brings you top of mind to the panel, and it adds a personal touch and a notion that you are serious about this career and job posting at the school. Lastly, it is polite! Kappa Delta Pi notes that a thank you letter should be sent within 24 hours by mail to the panel. So, what should you write in the thank you letter? I am glad that you asked! Let’s talk about the top tips you should relay in your thank you letter. We will also cover some tips for formatting and layout! As always EduMagiains, as a special thank you to my listeners, I have a PDF of this checklist and a thank you letter template! Just go to Dr. Sam explores thank you note content tips, layout, and lastly a great tip on how to organize it all! References

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