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Dr. Micah Shippee is an innovative ‘ideas’ person who thinks outside the box. Micah wears many hats as a Middle School Social Studies teacher, a technology trainer, and professor. He regularly explores ways to improve motivation in the classroom and leverages emergent technology to achieve educational goals. Very early in his career, Micah discovered the secret to increased student motivation, a more productive learning environment, a better fit for future job preparedness, all while achieving his mandated content objectives and goals… the secret? Effective and Efficient Technology Integration.

Purchase Dr. Shippee's book, "WanderlustEDU: An Educator's Guide to Innovation, Change, and Adventure."


CoSpaces Merge Cube:

End of School Year Traditions Jesse - School’s Out blaring - Alice Cooper (Not as cool as Donnie’s playlist)

Donnie - High Schoolers Walking the Halls of Middle and Elementary Schools, 5th Graders Walking the Halls, Yearbook Signings (With a Stamp), A Silent Film -

Last Day of School Playlist -

Micah - Follow the kids out the door. High Fives, knuckles, and wave to the bus tires.

Jeff - What is the end of the year?

Cool Free Stuff I Found Online:

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