LE 84: How to Foster a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment for LGBTIQ Students with Dr. Michael O’Malley

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About Michael O’Malley, Ed.D.

Michael P. O’Malley, Ed.D. is Dean of College of Education and Professor of Educational Leadership at Texas State University. His research lines address leadership for educational equity, and public pedagogies of social transformation. He completed a Fulbright in Chile in 2012 and serves as Associate Director of Publications for the University Council for Educational Administration. A former secondary school teacher, assistant principal, and principal, Dr. O’Malley earned his doctorate in education from Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia and holds degrees in philosophy and theology. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Universidad Alberto Hurtado in Santiago de Chile and the Leadership Academy at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Show Highlights

  • Preparing school leaders with resources to support LGBTIQ students
  • What’s missing in preparing school leaders to support a welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBTIQ students
  • Identity safety for LGBTIQ faculty and staff
  • Policies that marginalize the LGBTIQ community
  • Strategies for addressing pushback

Connect with Michael

Email: Mo20@txstate.edu

Twitter: @TXSTDeanEd

Additional Resources

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