LE 83: How to Support the Social-Emotional Needs of LGBTQ Youth with Mills Smith-Millman

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About Mills Smith-Millman, MA

Mills Smith-Millman, MA is currently completing her Pre-Doctoral Internship at the National Center for School Mental Health. In addition to her research career, Mills' currently works as a school mental health clinician in a Baltimore city high school. Both Mills' clinical work and research focus on increasing youth's access to mental healthcare by delivering prevention and intervention services in schools.

Show Highlights

  • School mental health providers’ competency in working with LGBTQ youth
  • Having a friend in the LGBTQ community
  • Recognizing implicit bias
  • Challenges mental health providers encountered while working with LGBTQ youth
  • School mental health providers who self-identified as LGBTQ
  • Ways to strengthen the social and emotional supports for LGBTQ students

Connect with Mills

Researchgate: Mills Smith-Millman

Email: millmamk@miamioh.edu

Additional Resources

Ready, willing, and able: Predictors of school mental health providers' competency in working with LGBTQ youth

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