LE 71: Bringing Joy and Play into the Classroom with Ms. Courtney Jacobs

About Ms. Courtney Jacobs

Courtney Jacobs is a senior associate with the Great Schools Partnership, a nonprofit school-support organization that works to redesign public education with the goal of ensuring equitable outcomes for all students. She works at all levels of the education system—from classrooms and communities to state education agencies. Courtney also helps coordinate the League of Innovative Schools and presents regularly at events and conferences, including the New England Secondary School Consortium’s annual School Redesign in Action Conference. Before joining the Great Schools Partnership, Courtney worked for 16 years in progressive, urban public schools across the country. 

Show Highlights

  • Great Schools Partnership
  • A sense of wonder and playfulness in students
  • Joy and play while maintaining high expectations and rigor
  • The unit/lesson planning process
  • Choosing assessments to measure the right outcomes

Connect with Courtney 



Twitter: @greatschoolsp

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