John Sowash, Chromebooks, Video on ChromeOS, Adobe Spark, WeVideo, Screencastify & Tech Integration Advice! - S01-E021

#EduDuctTape S01-E021

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  • Jake’s SoapBox Moment - “I Wish I Could Pause the GIFs”


    • Seth Godin - “If you're not prepared to change your diet or workouts, don't get on the scale.”
  • Today’s Guest: John Sowash - John is a former classroom teacher and school administrator, author of The Chromebook Classroom, and founder of the Google Certification Academy. John spends his time helping teachers uncover creative ways to use Chromebooks for learning. John lives in SE Michigan with his wife and five kids.


  • Which of the following is less torturous? (Would you rather?)


  • 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?


  • Question 1: How can students create video projects on Chromebooks?
  • John’s 3 questions:



  • Question 2: How can teachers integrate tech into the classroom without spending hours prepping lessons and learning about new tools?
  • Teachers: stop trying to be the expert! Let the students do that!
  • Pick a small set of tools and stick with those



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