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Collaborative Notes with Docs or Slides

  • Buddy up with your team or friends and take collaborative notes.
  • When everyone attends different sessions, you all walk away with collective knowledge and resources.
  • Docs suggestion - Create a table of contents or divide the pages in a way that makes sense. Tables are also handy. (Kasey’s Alan November story.)
  • Slides suggestion - New slide for each session gives natural division to your notes.

Google Keep

  • Take notes in Keep, share with your team or teacher friends
  • Use the Keep extension to add bookmarks of resources and presentations
  • Add audio, photos, or even annotate or draw
  • Use the mobile app and add notes with dictation on the fly
  • Grab text from a photo of a presenter slide or (gasp!) paper handout
  • Google Keep Cheat Sheet
  • Personalize Google Keep for You and Your Students


  • Use Chrome bookmarks and bookmark manager to save all your links and organize into a folder for the conference.

Google Photos

  • Lots of people take pictures of links and presenter slides (as well as selfies)
  • Sync new photos to your Google Photos collection
  • Create an album and share with others


  • Can use the web app without an interactive panel
  • There’s a mobile app, too
  • Swap between devices
  • Take photos with your phone, draw with your finger
  • Draw with a stylus and add sticky notes on the app with a tablet
  • Use dictation tools (voice typing) to add text quickly
  • Integrates with Google Photos AND Google image search
  • Collaborate with others
  • View notes across platforms

Hangouts Chat

  • Backchannel to stay connected with your peeps.
  • Discuss and share ideas and questions.

How to Maximize the Edcamp Experience

15 building blocks to a meaningful conference experience


  • Grab social media posts (tweets, etc.) and add to a Wakelet collection
  • Take your notes in Wakelet, adding text with titles above each session you go to
  • Adding links creates a website card instead of just a link, giving you a preview
  • Embed videos
  • Upload a PDF (session materials)
  • Also, add previous posts (bookmarks) to your collection
  • Collaborative Wakelet collections: create shared notes with buddies or colleagues


  • Create a notebook for the conference
  • Take notes and use the web clipper to save all the links and notes in one space.
  • Add images and audio
  • Searchable (even text in images)
Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag
  • Sarah Kiefer (Speakpipe)
  • Cam Ross (Melbourne, Australia) -- Just re-listened to Episode 18 to learn some more about what Google Slides can do, and came across the DriveSlides Chrome extension. What an amazing tool, and one that I have been able to use with the family pics at home but also with school-based projects. Keep up the amazing work, as I am learning so much each and every episode.

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