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Joe Marquez is a passionate educator who loves nothing more than to discover new ways to motivate and engage students.

Technology has been the spark which has ignited his exploration into next-generation educational technology and pushed him into becoming a leader and technology coach for the Clovis Unified School District.

Joe is now a K-12 Education Strategist for CDW-G helping educators across the US reach their full potential with devices in the classroom. His innovating spirit, outgoing attitude and outrageous personality has earned him the coveted titles of Certified Google Innovator, Certified Google Trainer, Prezi Educational Society member, PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator, Nearpod PioNEAR, Remind Connected Educator and Advisory Board Member, Quiver Ambassador, Common Sense Ambassador, Flipgrid Ambassador, Microsoft Innovative Educator, CUE Rockstar Teacher Faculty and CUE Lead Learner. Recently Joe was the recipient of the CVCUE 2014 Educator of the Year Award, the prestigious Clovis Unified Crystal Award and featured speaker at the California Teachers Summit in 2015, 2106 and 2017. 

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  • Blake Bray (Texas) -- YES!!!! Duplicate copies! That's why y'all have a podcast... genius! Thanks!
  • Allison Fluet (Maine) -- I was very impressed with myself when I heard Matt recommend a Google Slides workaround that I’ve been using. It was in response to Blake from Texas and how to get his slides to auto advance (duplicate slides and publish to the web). So, I have that system in place to run my classroom schedule but when I’m gone I have my laptop with me. I have an iPad that I leave behind for my sub but I cannot get Slides to autoplay an inserted video that I’m using as a transition song for my students to know it’s time to rotate in their math stations. Do you have any workarounds to get a video to autoplay When presented on Slides on an iPad?
  • Wendy Cohen (New York) -- When using multiple Google accounts in Chrome, right-click a link and choose “Open as …” to choose which account you’d like to use when opening the link. Can save you time from seeing the “You need access” error messages. How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts
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