Don't Worry about Test Scores. Worry about Kids

Known as ‘The Connection Coach’, Tara Brown is an award-winning educator, author and international speaker whose 30-year professional journey has taken her from rural Florida to gang territory in California and to one of the largest high schools in Tennessee with over 43 countries represented. Her international engagements have included Dubai and Beirut, training both educators and students. Tara believes strongly in the power of connections and that a major key to reaching kids is the ability to build positive relationships.

Whether here or abroad, Tara’s passion and humor continues to drive her work to better equip adults with the ability to connect with youth in order to unleash their true potential. She is committed to helping strengthen organizations ‘One connection at a time’. Buckle up....because you are about to get ‘Tara-Ized!’


Tara Brown Show Highlights:
  • The challenge of being a high-tech, low-touch society.
  • Tips for getting below the surface and being present in the moment
  • Kids are more than a number on the spreadsheet
  • Kids before content
  • We’re neurologically wired to connect. How do you do that at your school?
  • Slinging dopamine and making emotional deposits
  • What does it feel like on your campus?
  • What is your fundamental message?
  • Do the work to find the story behind the story
  • Have you identified your line in the sand?


Tara Brown Resources:

“We are world-class dopamine slingers committed to putting kids before content.”

-Tara Brown


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