1/4 of 100 Episodes - PC025

We recap April Fools Day in the classroom, we share what we’ve been reading, seeing, listening to, and… why not, let’s talk about feedback in education.

April Fools Recap

Hear - TED Radio Hour - Confronting Racism Brittany Cooper (time as a racial construct - White)

See - The Case Against Adnan Syed (Serial) HBO (Jesse)

Read - Nathan Pyle’s Strange Planet - Strange Human Behavior (from other planets) (Donnie)



Waiting for him to do a classroom one.

What role does “feedback” play in your classroom or your school? How should we give and receive feedback? How much, and how often, and using what instrument? How fearlessly candid should we be? And, most importantly, how can we help each person thrive and excel?


Something Useless Donnie Found Online

What Song Defines Your Life? https://www.thesongthatdefinesyourlife.com/

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