Why Do You Teach? - 237

Why do you teach?

I recently watched an episode of the television show - Schooled (which I like by the way.) On this episode the question of teaching and why is a major part of the storyline. No spoilers...find it. It's a feel-good moment in the show. It got me thinking about why.

So here are three of the reasons why I taught and why I made my whole career about working with kids:

1. How many professionals have the possibility of making the positive impact that you can as an educator?

2. You get to work with so many different kids, different personalities, different needs, and different wants.

3. There is never a dull moment!

So take time to open your journal and write your three reasons why you teach.

Do that today and use your answers to keep you going and to keep you focused on those reasons when the times get rough.

You make a difference!


Length - 30:18

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