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  • GIF-a-Day
    • Sign up for more info about the GIF-a-Day tech learning opportunities at JakeMiller.net/gifaday - visiting the site is not a commitment, it’s a way of stepping up and saying “I want more information about these opportunities!
    • Opportunity 1 - Spring 2018 - Google Sheets - will be comprised of 25+ GIFs, sent out 1 per day, only to paying participants. These GIFs will not be shared elsewhere (not on Twitter, not on my website).  At the end, participants will receive an eBook with all of the GIFs.



  • Educational Duct Tape FlipGrid Community



  • Today’s Question: How can you keep track of ideas and notes from podcasts, especially when you listen on the go?


  • Alex Oris - @mroristech
  • Laura Cahill - @engageducate - Google Assistant, Siri, voice note in Google Keep, go back to show notes
  • Eric Benedict‏ - @ericsbenedict - Google Keep or iOS Notes
  • Wendy Cohen‏ - @WendyCohenEdu - Google Keep
  • Abbey Thomas - @mrstechpig - “OK Google,” Notes, Reminders
  • Jake’s answer: setting a reminder
  • Mike Feldman - @feldmantech - Siri/Google Assistant → reminder or notes → Wakelet
  • Dan Stitzel - @mr_stitzel - Wakelet
  • Laura Cahill - @engagedcucate - Wakelet
  • Angela Wojtecki - @angelawojtecki - edShelf, voice recorder app, Google Keep


  • Content from the Duct Tapers


  • Apple Podcasts Review from mollybea31
  • Favorite #EduDuctTape Tweets from @AndrwBaumann, @engagedEDU, @AnnGagne, @kiefersj, @AplinTeacher, @AngelaGreene12
  • New Tweeters: @a_fenstermaker, @AmyRoediger, @AnnGagne, @dave_ternent, @engagedEDU, @KaelynBullock, @lizjonesLTM, @MelanieBurford3, @Miss_D_Valenti, @MTSD_1G, @SarahRiveraSTEM, @Stella_Pollard, @TheAnswerPad, @WadeTechnology

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