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 Do It Differently “...tells the deeply personal stories of four fathers raising autistic children. The dads describe their ongoing journeys, from ‘the moment everything changed’ to present day. They see opportunity where others see disability and they'll help educators do the same. Their autistic kids are doing amazing things, and subsequently knocking down barriers and opening eyes.” You can watch Do It Differently for free on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Scott Phillips is a video production superstar with The University of Oregon Athletic Department and Marquam Auction Agency.

He holds a degree in Cinema Studies with departmental honors from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!).

He worked in TV news for 10 years in Portland, both as an on-air personality and a photographer/editor. He produces music videos, and videos for NCAA Division 1 sporting events all across the country. Scott is a filmmaker and has created award-winning documentaries and two feature films. He has written a number of feature film scripts as well.

Do It Differently is a powerful film. You will want to watch it more than once and share with your friend and colleagues.

Remember that you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Contact Scott and Watch Do It Differently:

Do It Differently


Length - 53:01 

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